MUNIO HOME is a story about people and their homes. About how each of us – at times together with others – WE create our home. We step over the threshold and we are – at home. The doors shut, and we are with ourselves. With our own aromas and feelings, sounds and silence, order and habits. With our own feeling of time. At home we dream, love, desire, conspire, think, we grow ourselves, and help others to grow. We live, co-exist, experience, and survive. We wrap home around us.

At home we want everything that surrounds us to also be alive, and it is. Glass mugs made by thousand year old methods. Knotted baskets made from twine that take days to complete. Bowls from clay cradled in loving hands, and tablecloths woven with equally loving fingers.

The roughness of our fathers’ fathers and the fineness of contemporary design, black farmer’s rye bread and sky blue Art Nouveau buildings. A simple clay pot is grand and a gnarled birch bark basket is unique and valuable.

MUNIO HOME is a 100 different stories of home told through objects. We are homemakers.



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