The emerald green bottle that once held a wine with an exquisite bouquet is now a cast for a candle. With great care, as if it were a fragile gem, the candle maker arranges the wick. Just a moment, it’s almost ready! And caressing the wick like a time honoured friend, the warm soy wax flows into the glass. With the aromas of tart orange, fresh mint and confident ginger. With the smells of world travelled cacao, relaxing vanilla and sweet rose garden too.

Then come the wax rounds with cinnamon sticks and bilberry leaves. And the juniper candle in a clay pot. And the candle in a tin can as if swiped from an artist’s studio. There’s more. The candle maker hasn’t finished, she has more and more in mind. Let peace and harmony reign, create and conceive in the homes where the light from her candles falls.

Let the whole world know what the land where they jump over bonfires on midsummer night, smells like! It’s the land where a few clever guys caught the wind in a tunnel to teach people to fly. That’s the land where the candle maker lives and dreams of one day living in a house with windowsills wide enough for her collection of houseplants.