The feeling to be a middle-class black colored lesbian:

The feeling to be a middle-class black colored lesbian:

Mapping the black colored queer geography of Johannesburg’s lesbian ladies through narrative

Hugo Canham

Department of Psychology University of this Witwatersrand Johannesburg

To be black colored, working course, located in a township and lesbian will be a discordant human anatomy. That is a markedly different experience than being truly a socio-economically privileged resident of Johannesburg. This paper sets off to map marginalised sexualities onto current social fissures emerging away from Southern Africa’s divided reputation for apartheid. It argues that whilst the repeal associated with Sexual Offences Act, 1957 (Act No. 23 of 1957, formerly the Immorality Act, 1927) together with promulgation associated with the Civil Union Bill (2006) has received a liberating influence on the lesbian community of Johannesburg; the occupation of real room is profoundly informed because of the intersecting confluence of competition, course, age, sexuality, and place. On the basis of the tales of black colored lesbian ladies, the paper analyses the career of this town’s social spaces to map the differential use of lesbian legal rights and publicity to prejudice and violence. Findings declare that their agential motion through area and shows of opposition lends a nuance to your dominant script of victimhood. Their narratives of becoming are shaped by the areas which they inhabit both in liberating and disempowering methods.

Keyword phrases: narrative maps, queer geographies, Johannesburg Pride, intersectionality, room


This paper seeks to enliven the tales of five young black colored and lesbian determining ladies in their very very early twenties and three older lesbian feamales in their very very very early to mid-forties because they negotiate and constitute the queer geography of Johannesburg. By queer geography, we reference a confusing, non-conforming, evasive, strange, and boundless geography that emerges and ebbs in unforeseen areas and methods.